01 July 2005

while i stew

about alberto gonzales or whomever the bush administration decides to inflict on us, i am still reading other news. what's linked there is a haaretz article on the anglican communion's recent vote concerning investment in companies that aid "either the occupation or Palestinian violence against innocent Israelis." the particular focus of the vote was divestiture from companies associated with the Israeli occupation.

i wonder how ECUSA bishops responded to this. i wonder how american anglicans, in general, would respond to this...if they knew anything about it. this is the sort of news that i wish would make it into my weekly church bulletin, and that never ever does. it's also another reminder of how cut off americans are from world opinion on the israel-palestine mess. divestiture from companies that benefit from the occupation is firmly aligned with "anti-israel" or "radical" politics in the minds of a lot of americans...while the TOTALLY NOT RADICAL anglican community passes a resolution like this with barely a note of interest. hmm.

it's especially interesting, given the usual right-left issue spectrum in american politics, when you think about rowan williams' opposition to the gene robinson ordination in juxtaposition with his yes vote on this resolution.