15 July 2005

three cheers

my fantastic undergrad advisor, the only person outside my very best friends who unreservedly told me that i would be good at grad school, has published an excellent new book -- so excellent, in fact, that it recently received two APSA awards and will be the subject of a panel at this year's national convention. woo hoo! i remember running these scarily empty regressions during my swarthmore years and being generally terrified that i was making a hash of the whole project...but even my ill-informed RA work seems not to have harmed it too, too much. buried deep in the acknowledgements is the following extraordinarily gratifying sentence: "My superb student research assistants at Swarthmore College, Robyn Gearey, Jeremy Weinstein, Lauren Basta and Amelia Hoover, were efficient, enthusiastic, and creative."

now the plan is to be at least as efficient, enthusiastic, and creative as jeremy weinstein in the course of my job search.