05 July 2005

dear mr. lay,

this is definitely the best employee-to-CEO memo i've ever read, and it constitutes the smoking gun at enron. now, i know we heard all about enron, all about the scandal and disaster and dirty luxury of the top executives, but wowee! can we pay some attention to sherron watkins? read the memo: she is smart -- she pulls no punches; she covers her ass and exposes lay's with one fell swoop. please, Lord, let's have a conviction in this case.

in addition to convictions for insider trading and various other frauds, i'd really like to see somebody in this scandal serve time for being stupidly, offensively (and ultimately harmfully) macho. in the ritz bathroom after the movie, alyssa and i pondered the following useless but telling question regarding watkins: how many times do you suppose that those assholes have privately referred to her as a fat bitch in the last five years?

truly the stereotypical maleness of the guilty enron executives, by which i refer to both the composition of the group and the behavior of the individuals, is a sad thing to behold.