21 July 2005

blogroll changes

after much consideration, have revamped my sidebar -- added a bunch of new places and recategorized a bit. the level of anxiety caused by trying to categorize a few people was immense. first i got rid of the left-feminist divide (how theoretically challenging of me!). then i worried about whether people (bitch phd, mostly) were left/fem or ivory tower. the rule there is "if it's mostly about politics, and it's not explicitly from the perspective of the person's discipline, then it's l/f, not academic." then i decided that everyone i know personally who *ever* blogs about life instead of work goes under friends, not under ivory tower. megan, mike, that's you. tell me if you want that to change.

last but not least: say hello to ray, reed and michael, joint exploders of the "swat-blogger" heading and wonderful folks all. especially ray, who shares a bunch of genetic material with me. are there any more forks bloggers out there?