17 June 2005

just in case

...you hadn't noticed, i have replaced the old look with something rather simpler. people seemed bemused by the last template -- at first, at least -- and i had some link-changes to make in any case. speaking of which, the following things have happened in the sidebar: benj is back! hollis doesn't seem to be journaling much any more. (hollis, let me know if that's not true.) paul "big gay khalid" wulfsberg is on hiatus for the summer. agent danger is missing in action. i am tired of tom tomorrow, and also tired of economists (i.e., becker and posner are gone). you will note that, as the link makes clear, my father studies bullying. he has a blog full of recent happenings, reflections, and reading lists, and if you are interested in education you should be interested in him. the end.