12 May 2005

dear friends,

1. finished Paper of Death early monday morning. the thingy weighed in at 32 pages of text, 10,000-some words, sixty references (of which, i might add, the majority were big fat books of government documents).

2. finished "second midterm" for my stat class this afternoon. now, i love don green. (i do! experimental political science! rad!) but it is just plain mean to assign a "midterm" takehome exam during the final week of classes. especially if you then assign...

3. still to finish: final exam (takehome, untimed; i.e., will take at least a solid couple of days) for my stat class. yeah, that's right. a midterm and a final to do at the same time! awesome!

4. still to finish: final assignment for research design. tell me, folks. why the #$&! do i care whether, or how, income inequality and asset specificity determined the transition to democracy in australia?

(3) is going to get done tomorrow, with possibly a little cleanup work on saturday. (4) is going to get done while i'm in st. cloud next week.

and then egypt!