15 March 2005

i have returned.

a quick recap of my trip is probably impossible, as it was composed mostly of highlights. three days in philly were full of lovely, lengthy conversations and hilarity and poetry and talllblondcute and gosh, i still love that city a lot. (a particular shout-out to dan, whom i hadn't seen in ages and who was very gracious about my declining scrabble skills. you can read the actual score at his site, if you are so inclined, but i refuse to post it here.) then baltimore for warm weather, _mean girls_, and quality time with the space navy. then a day at the national gallery, followed by yummy, if insufficiently planned, dinner with DC folks. and then north carolina! where it was warmer yet! and the magnolias were in bloom! and anne and i drank lots of wine and listened to showtunes! and there were random swatties in the waffle house!

now i have several days to get things in order for the last few weeks of the semester, spring-clean my house, and generally take things at a slightly more manageable pace than is usual for me. end-of-term papers about international interventions in institutional change, institutions and voter competence, etc., are beginning to percolate, and i'm starting to feel excited about my summer: egypt, reading for exams, some rather exciting RA work...it's all coming together.

[actual content to come. soon.]