22 January 2005

idiot christians. you know, christians are often -- genuinely or not -- appalled at the transactional sorts of relationships followers of other religions may have with their gods. i sacrifice x, you give me y. i pray to deity m, i get favor n. and yet here are american christians proclaiming "what an opportunity!" in the face of the indian ocean tsunamis. how blasphemous can you get?

a church in texas sent teams to refugee camps in sri lanka in order to give out goods and goodies and preach the gospel -- something that no sri lankan christian leader has endorsed, for reasons that would be obvious if the missionaries, from texas, knew anything at all about sri lanka. i can see it now: "i'll do jesus' work by introducing more religious factionalism to a country already suffering a violent religious and cultural secession movement! plus i'll make the disaster relief that i'm offering to these devastated, traumatized people contingent on their belief in my religious teachings! hallelujah!"

it appears that students from jerry falwell's (unaccredited) liberty "university" are going to try their hand at post-tsunami prosyletizing as well.