16 October 2004

this is so right on. God bless the onion for its continued recognition of the fact that american elections, though they might seem to be about issues sometimes, are actually contested on things like ties and hair and smiles and folksiness, whatever the fuck folksiness is. i mean, hey, if bush gets reelected the world is going straight to hell -- but at least it's going in a pleasantly ingratiating, simplistic manner. (as opposed, of course, to the messiness, complication and unpleasantness of actually doing right by people.)

...and again i apologize for this blog's steady slide into noninterestingness. (NB: no fair commenting to the effect that the "slide into" part of that sentence was unnecessary.)

grad school update: it still rocks, only now it rocks at least eighty hours a week, and only stops rocking for roughly six hours a night. thursday night was important, because i was introduced to rudy's, which while no standard tap, is still the best bar i've seen in new haven. i recommend the fries, but i do not recommend the curried mayonnaise to go with the fries.