09 October 2004

so how did the debate play in the real world? here in my head, and also here at yale poli sci, kerry kicked some serious ass. the gravitas! the passion! the zingers! and bush? what did bush do? apparently he was using all six of his brain cells on a concerted effort not to smirk, so he didn't have any left over to form sentences.

ladies and gentlemen, your talking points for the day:

1. it's the military's job to win the war. it's the president's job to win the peace.
2. bush is desperate. "desperate" is a kind of peewee's playhouse scream-real-loud keyword here. he looked desperate. he sounded desperate. he's desperate for any kind of plan. he's desperate to overcome the credibility gap created by the debates. he's in attack mode because he's desperate. and so on. desperate, desperate, desperate.

mmmm...googlebomby goodness.