04 August 2004

however, in happier news, laurel has had a wonderful idea regarding the anti-RNC protests in nyc later this month. first of all, YOU SHOULD COME. second, IF YOU CAN'T COME, you should send snapshots or email digital pics of yourself, your families, friends, neighbors, churches, community organizations, etc. -- whomever is opposed to another bush term.

we intend to collage these pics along with geographical reference points and headcounts. so: if i could get 100 people from grand forks, north dakota, i would carry a sign with their pics and a count and the location. laurel hopes to do the same in des moines. so wherever you are, they'll know you're there in spirit.

this is a fun feel-good project people, so help us out here. email me, amelia dot hoover at yale dot eeee deeeee yooooooo, if you want my snailmail address.