03 August 2004

and in other news, jane brody writes another pretentious, self-congratulatory, classist piece of shit. if you have an exceptionally good memory, you may remember other pieces on this site castigating brody for her relentlessly smug upper-middle-class know-it-all bullshit on the topic(s) of obesity and exercise.

it's too bad that i mostly agree with her argument: kids should watch less tv; if they did, we'd all be better off. too bad her vision for how that's gonna happen is predicated on lots of leisure time, safe outdoor spaces, two-parent families, disposable income, suburban living and the like.

her vision, of course, is based largely on her own experiences. see? we did it! so should you! to accompany her first-person anecdotal evidence (i.e., NOT SCIENCE), she generally also likes to misstate a few correlations as causations and quote some researchers out of context. they are still letting her publish things why?