21 July 2004


donations through me to run against bush are up to a cool $100. and while that might not be a ton, it's more money than i, personally, have to give. so i feel good about it. thank you thank you to everyone who has given r.a.b. their hard-earned bucks.

i also feel good about this: last night, i ran 7 miles in just under 75 minutes, which means that i am officially The Shit. i think i could have kept going, too. my only point of soreness is my right calf muscle, which seems to think it hasn't been stretched enough (?) although i've stretched it every imaginable way.

it's not too late to help me! no it's not! my site is linked in the sidebar at right, so shell out, folks.

last but not least, i think i may have decided upon an event (if i can find a buddy to do it with me): the hartford marathon (and half marathon -- don't worry, i'm not that crazy...yet) is two days before my 23rd birthday. i figure it would be a nice way to start off my mid-twenties.