01 July 2004

whew. i'm all internetcommerced out. total purchases through craigslist, priceline, travelocity, or ebay in the last 36 hours:

little brother's ticket from minneapolis to san francisco and back, $246. (my mother paid, i just get to be the travel agent 'cause i'm so much better at this stuff than her.)

mom's oneway ticket, minneapolis to philly, $150. (ditto the above.)

my own round trip from minneapolis to new york (closest cheap airport to new haven), $219. guess i'm locked into going home for christmas now. which is fine. great, even.

raleigh m-30 mountain bike, $50.

four each (matching) plates, salad plates, bowls, mugs, $10.

big soup pot, slightly smaller soup pot, two frying pans, two pots, two mixing bowls, $10.

2 tickets to rufus/guster/ben folds concert next wednesday, $70.

...and still bidding on two MORE r/g/bf tickets, currently at $55 for the pair.

i have also arranged to sell my old computer for...well, not that much, considering what i paid for it. but then again, that was in 1999, so i'm not gonna complain.

you ask, but amelia. have you done ANY work the past two days?

to which i say again...well, not that much.