16 July 2004

alert alert! republican-controlled nlrb says fuck you, amelia! now, i know i have it quite easy as grad students go. as an advisor has said, "this is the lexus -- no, the cadillac -- no, the lexus -- of grad school packages." but the fact that my package is the lexus, rather than for example the barely-adequate rust-covered vinyl-interior 1984 dodge colt with leaky hatchback, of grad school packages, is rather sad in itself. there are people out there, even at big private universities, who are basically slave labor, earning tiny sub-subsistence wages to teach bored undergrads (bored undergrads who pay fantastic sums) in crowded lectures. and, as any republican-controlled labor-relations organization is wont to do, the nlrb has failed entirely to Relate to Labor. bastards.