04 June 2004

sorry folks,

ridiculous week in the justice-for-employees business, and have i told you about how the united states postal service and the ADA and federal civil rights law in general are wanky and LAME? they are. clearly the new jersey law against discrimination should just be substituted for Title VII, the ADA...the whole shebang.

i have been browsing headlines, but no real reading...i mean, real reading that's not news, but i'm relatively certain you don't want to read my meditations on naomi wolf. at least not today.

one item of note: i saw that the bush campaign is gearing up in the christian community. i'm not surprised, and i'm not pleased. anyone care to participate in a mini-discussion about ways to mobilize the left-christian population for this election? or ways to grow the left-christian population?

y tu hermione tambien,