17 June 2004

so, as previously noted, we are (i am) confused about ronald reagan. specifically, what to make of the death of such a despicable character.

somewhat similarly, one wonders what the hell to think about bill clinton right now. the linked article is a summary of his interview with dan rather, in which he admits that he had his affair with monica lewinsky "just because I could" and calls his actions "indefensible."

well, duh.

the disaster of the bush administration has certainly helped me cast a kinder, more redeeming glance on clinton, as a policymaker if nothing else. he sold out on gays in the military and welfare reform (to name a couple), but unlike i don't think he would have actively harmed so many people at home and abroad...

...at least, not The People. instead, he actively harmed people in his own life -- mostly female people -- while pursuing what were often quite excellent policy outcomes. this, in the end, probably just makes him part of his generation. a feminist in word and, sometimes, (policy) deed, who nevertheless still sees (or at least, saw) the women closest to him as means rather than ends.

you know, it is SO time for a female president.