13 May 2004

yes, yes, YES, and dear God, why can't i write like tim burke?

(the answer is probably, "because you work forty hours a week and have to bill your time.")

AND ANOTHER THING! yesterday the biggest present i have ever given myself (aside from the swarthmore education, that is) came in the mail (er, the fedex): 15-inch mac powerbook (g4, titanium) with cd and dvd burners, backlit keyboard, wireless internet capable, printer, blah blah blah. i am embarrassed, almost, at how exciting this is. the table on the west side of the study is now officially the dorkiest place on earth: 1999 grape iMac with Gore-Lieberman stickers on one end; near-identical 15-inch powerbooks side-by-side at the other. bonus points: alyssa's big fat dell desktop is across the way on the east side of the room, and there's a circa-1985 world map on the wall.