23 April 2004

finally. an excellent reason to say thank goodness i didn't get that rhodes scholarship. look at the who are we? bar at the left. then scroll down to "dinner with an idiotarian," posted last night, i think.

they're right about one thing: the woman was making her point(s) disrespectfully, and that's not OK. but while they helpfully reminded us that it's OK to be a professor of women's studies and a member of 'the peace movement' (gee, all of us women who you've now allowed to participate in academia and politics are REALLY grateful!) they clearly did not actually think so. how do i know this? because, instead of refuting the woman's arguments (and refusing to insult her the way they thought she insulted their [male, military officer] friend), they decided that a better strategy would be to refer to her as "Prof. Stupid."

future leaders indeed.