10 February 2004

check this out -- a federal subpoena to investigate "conspiracy" surrounding an anti-war forum.

why, you ask? well, the supposed reason is that someone who had attended the forum -- the topic of which was nonviolent protest ala king and gandhi -- later attended a protest at fort dodge, during which she may have attempted to climb a perimeter fence.

yes, that's all.

so what do they want to know? everything about the forum and its organizers, the drake u. chapter of the national lawyers guild. prosecutors are asking for attendance records not only from the forum but from all drake nlg meetings. they also want the names of all drake nlg board members and all agendas and other paperwork from all meetings in the past year or so. from drake itself, they supposedly want all room requests and organizational materials.

...and there's a "nondisclosure order" attached to the subpoena -- so drake can't speak about what it's being asked to disclose.

is there some way in which this sort of behavior is supposed to be allowable?