07 January 2004

republicans, at least the ones in texas, have formally announced that they no longer have any scruples whatsoever about hijacking democracy for their own purposes. i commend them for their honesty.

here's the article from the times on the recent decision that the texas gerrymander will stand, and here are a few choice snippets:

of the three judge panel who made the decision: "They also found that politics — not illegal racial discrimination — prompted the redrawing of district lines." that's right, folks, our friends the judges have decided that racial discrimination has nothing to do with politics, and that politics has nothing to do with race. great!

or this gem: "Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, called the ruling "a serious blow to the Democrats" and added, "It makes their already remote chances of taking back the House slimmer than ever.""

because after all, making sure the democrats don't take back the house is what democracy should be all about. [aaaarrgghh.]