16 January 2004

apparently the stereotypes are all true. or maybe moving to society hill causes people to lose their souls. whatever the reason, i have to say that the 'young adults' party at our priest's house last night was approximately the strangest event i've ever attended.

first off, i was the youngest 'young adult' in the room. some of the 'young adults' were definitely pushing 40. i'm sorry, folks, but when you're forty you're a 'real adult,' also known as a 'regular adult.' do you live in a house you own? do you pull down $50,000 or more yearly? have you been MARRIED for more than a calendar year? chances are you're not a young adult.

so that was odd.

more importantly (this is the stereotypes-all-true bit), folks seemed totally uninterested in speaking about anything even remotely substantial. politics? nooooo, that would be divisive. religion? noooo, that would be....what? too religious? for a church group? eh? certainly nobody expressed desire to, oh, say, connect the two. the whole gathering reminded me of eddie izzard's bit on anglicans -- you know, the one about the "hobby church."

basically, this was not what i expected from any gathering sponsored by st. peter's. is it that people aren't listening to the sermons?

also, that guy bob was a total manarchist.