05 January 2004

another long hiatus. sorry. however, today i have happy news: bill bradley is going to endorse dean. this is not actually all that astounding -- bradley was a washington establishment type for years, but he positioned himself left of gore in 2000, and left politics thereafter. consequently it shouldn't be a surprise that he's decided to support dean, who is also (a) left of gore, or at least left of where gore was as a presidential candidate and (b) not (any longer, i presume) sensitive to dean's less-than-totally-respectful treatment of congressional democrats surrounding the iraq war. there's also the fact that politics has more peer pressure than any middle school: now that dean is the "front-runner" (whatever that means at this stage), folks are going to start endorsing him right and left, previous conflicts be damned.

thank goodness for bandwagons.

by the way: while this isn't astounding, it is great. i supported bradley in 2000 before i had to hold my nose and work for gore-lieberman, and his confidence in dean reinforces my own in a way that the gore endorsement didn't. so yay.

now watch the conservatives try to spin this as a black mark on dean, bradley, or democrats in general...

OH! AND! with my lovely housemates in tow, i made a trip to south street on friday. now i have an extra hole in my face. cool! because i'm extraordinarily vain, there is a picture here. i forgot to format said picture, so it's embarrassingly big, but...oh well.