09 December 2003

so bill janklow is guilty.

i mean, we knew he was guilty. but now he's actually been found guilty. i'm glad, and a little surprised, that the jury did the right thing. i mean...flandreau, south dakota. i always thought vermillion was tiny, and even there the big fish in the little pond could do a whole hell of a lot, but flandreau is rural. and janklow is, or was, an extremely big fish.

part of me hopes he serves time. (of course, part of me hopes that every republican lawmaker eventually serves time, but that's a little beside the point.) maybe if janklow goes to jail he'll have time to think about the nature of responsibility and compassion. maybe he'll talk to people who have been screwed by his policy choices. maybe he'll be better for it.

...and maybe if janklow goes to jail stephanie herseth will get his seat.