17 December 2003

emergency contraception is going otc.

...and, predictably, opponents of contraception and abortion are up in arms, saying EC will usher in a whole new era of libertinism. as usual, the argument is that without threat of 'punishment,' pregnancy for example, people (by which they mean female teenagers) will be having indiscriminate sex with practically everyone they can find to have indiscriminate sex with.

have they been living in caves? (or maybe in holes? in iraq?) there is no evidence that the provision of contraception causes more sex among teenagers. none.

i shouldn't be so surprised, though. this is not about science, and it's not really even about sex. it's about power and control. every new method of contraception is a new opportunity for women to gain autonomy over their bodies, their sexual lives and their plans. and every new opportunity for autonomy is a threat to people bent on vesting all substantive authority in males.

as alyssa would say, ay chihuahua.