14 November 2003

pauline allen died yesterday morning. some swat-people will remember her as advisor to the protestant community, and a person who created the only environment i've ever seen that managed to authentically incorporate people of other (and no) faiths into a christian setting. everybody learned. it was great. protestant community continues, but it was never the same after pauline left to do battle with cancer in spring '02.

pauline always reminded me of my friend page, in that she was a big, strong female spiritual leader with a big, strong contralto voice. (and short hair and dansko clogs and good hugs and a comforting presence.)

pauline's favorite hymn was "seek ye first." we sang it every sunday without fail. she also liked friends hymns like "thank you kindly, friend lucretia" (sung to the tune of the battle hymn of the republic, which i always found slightly ironic), and traditionals like "amazing grace."