15 October 2003

"Lunch is a very magical moment that supper can never quite have," he added. "There's a slight sense that you shouldn't be having lunch. There's the slight danger that it can put a dent in the afternoon. So it must be treated with caution."

This from a Times article on a London restaurateur, but, as a new office-dweller, I can sympathize: Lunch always feels like stealing, in a way that dinner never will. Especially since I don't pay for my lunches here, the thick slices of good cheese, the crisp organic apples, the almond butter to which I am now entirely addicted. Also, I'm the only crossword afficionado in the office -- so I steal that, too. There is of course always the risk of looking up and finding it's two in the afternoon which, even if you started your meal at 1.15, seems like a shameful waste. In any case, enjoy the quote, all.

In other news, (1) I saw Mystic River last night and will bet lots and lots of money on Sean Penn as best actor when the time comes and (2) A Feral Hat is hitting the road tomorrow: first Louisa in New Haven, then Sara (et al) in Cambridge/Boston/what have you, then Julie and Andrew in Amherst, then New York folks for Sunday dinner. And peaking foliage all the way. I can't wait.