23 October 2003

is it something about late october? that people i have no actual, personal right to be heartbroken over suddenly up and leave, and i have to sit around feeling amorphously sad, watching brilliance exit this world, which can really use all the brilliance it can possibly get?

margaret cho had interesting and good things to say about it (which i found by way of benj's comment on ross's site, i should note). i liked this image particularly, maybe because occasionally it's good for us to get a reminder that not everything can be ironic all the time:

'A whole shitload of hipsters are crying right now, hiding behind their ironic 70s sunglasses and vintage western snap front shirts. Legions of girls with scars from cutting themselves and dyed black hair are lighting candles and contemplating joining you today. Thirtysomething dudes with dirty shag haircuts are shaking their heads, looking down at their big jokey belt buckles, thinking about having a beer before the sun goes down, because it isn't a good day for any of us, because you aren't here to represent.'

anyway. i should point out here that i don't even own any elliott smith albums, that it's not like wellstone dying, really, that i don't have a good reason for all this, it's just...the music was great. it really was.