13 August 2003

right. back from the wedding with lots of happy thoughts and pictures of grapes (courtesy of jenny blumberg, who is the second most prompt and organized person in the world, after the bride). now i can't wait to get back to philly. i suppose it's rather a shame, because there are some wonderful people around here, and bonestroo would like me to stay, and my family has been great this summer and...the list goes on. but it's still not enough to make me really want to be here permanently.

talked to dan blim on monday night, just after returning *very* sleep-deprived from connecticut. dan, as always, keeping busy and enjoying life...there's this cadre of (forgive me, you guys) slightly nerdy boys that i'm sooooo excited to hang out with when i return: dan, and ben, and abram (where's your url, abram?), and...hurray for cities with my friends in them!

so now it's back to work, this being my eighth-to-last day at the office (this office, at least). there's music rehearsal for ruth's wedding tonight, yoga tomorrow, then the trip to grand forks on friday. i'm keeping busy...hopefully not too busy to find some time to study for the gre, which is coming up a little too fast.