20 August 2003

From an article in the times:

'In his campaign, Mr. Bush, unaware that a reporter with a tape recorder was present, said in a private meeting with backers that he had "a couple of devious plans if this thing passes." But in a televised debate later, he said he would carry out the plan, raising taxes if necessary. Today, Mr. Bush released a statement saying, "In light of the tremendous cost and minimal return on investment for students, the best solution is to allow voters a chance to repeal this obstacle to quality education in Florida."'

what is "this thing," "this obstacle to quality education in florida?" it's an amendment to the state constitution that places caps on class sizes in florida. apparently mr. bush, rather like his brother, hasn't been doing much reading about his policy positions. class size is one of the most significant variables in any analysis of student performance. jeb's appointees on the state board of education voted to advocate repeal of the program, which is just. so. typical.

heaven forbid anyone, anywhere, should spend any money on public schoools.